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Graphics Verses Photos

Apr 042017

I read all reviews and appreciate the time that people take out to post their opinions, suggestions and comments about the book series.

WE ARE AUSSIE, free book, and book one of Adventures With Kala received a review from a reader.  Her comment read "I think the book would be far more effective if the writer had used photographs throughout the book, rather than simple graphics."

Some of the books do contain a FEW actual photos of Kala and others.  This was mostly done to show the reader that Kala and her friends were real dogs, not just cartoons.  Most of the "graphics" or illustrations as I prefer to call them are actually based on the original photos.  Some have graphics added to the original such as a rug. 

Being a children's book, I felt they would respond better to silly, fun illustrations.  Though I am not a graphic artist by any stretch of the imagination, I do enjoy working on these illustrations using photoshop and paintshop pro.  It is fun to see the images come alive and I hope the kids find them fun to look at as well.

Everyone is welcomed to their own opinions and with indie publishing, we are all able to express ours whether being an author, artist, reader and critic. 

Just for fun I thought I would include a few photos verses illustrations.  I may add more before and afters as things go.

Illustration 1.  She's a Lady!   Kala got this hat on her birthday.  It was suppose to be just a joke, meant to be funny.  Turned out, Kala LOVED her hat and wanted to wear it often.  So on special occasions, we got out her hat and we would party.





Senshi-  actually my son's dog.  He may appear throughout different books in the future.  Also a Tri-Black Aussie.


Frog Legs.   Two things make me smile about the Aussie appearance.  Their unique butts ( all shaking cascading hair) and frog legs.  Most Aussies seem to prefer to lay like this but not all.  Kode has never laid like this.  He prefers the standard lay. 


I always try to keep the expressions of the original photos as close as I can.  For me, it is enjoyment and I only hope others enjoy the illustrations as well.


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